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Hi! I'm Elyse Ash, a Minneapolis-based advertising copywriter. I love all things design, pop culture and creative. Think in Bright Colors is a compilation of my favorite ad/design/interactive work, inspirations and beyond. To check out my advertising portfolio, visit

"Bring something into this house that’s going to take all the nutrition out of our food and then light the house on fire? Thank God for me."

Brad and I rewatched American Hustle this weekend and ohmigod. I remember liking the film, but I had completely forgotten how amazing JLaw is in it (specifically all the scenes that revolve around the “science oven.”) It’s all just too damn perfect.

Also, the whole cast should have been nominated for Best Hair Oscars.

How cute/funny/tongue-in-cheek are these keytags by Various Problems? They have tons and tons of witty, silly, stupid, smart, ridiculous keytags that not only help organize your keys, but give you a chuckle, too. Love them!

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London-based photographer Babycakes Romero has started putting together a new series called The Death of Conversation. The focus is, of course, capturing people in close quarters disengaged from their realities and fellow humans, with their eyes glued to their smartphones. The photographer states “I started to photograph people in company on their phones as there was a certain symmetry to them and it appealed on a visual level, but as I continued I noticed an inherent sadness.”

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How to Get a Creative Team to Do What You Want (Without Them Hating You)

By Elyse Ash

We’ve all been there. Usually it happens at 4:30 on a Friday when we’re packing up our laptop, trying to sneak out early to make that 5 o’clock happy hour with the friends we haven’t seen in 3 weeks. Work’s been crazy. The whole agency’s in the middle of a pitch or an expensive production and then finally you get a day that seems normal and quiet, you’re almost free—until…

There’s one more edit. One more tweak. One more option they’d like to see.

Or worse. The whole concept is dead.

As a creative, this moment super sucks. Thinking you’re at the tail-end of a project, only to realize that now, in the very last minutes, you have to start over.

As harrowing as this moment is for creatives, as a people pleaser I almost imagine it being worse for account managers (I said almost). Having to approach creatives who are at the end of their rope, and ask for more changes and edits on behalf of a client: Have you thought of…why didn’t you…they’d like to see another option…can you try it without…

As the account manager, you are oftentimes the messenger. And we, the creatives, are quick to shoot you in the face (metaphorically speaking) the second you bear that bad news. We argue, eye roll, huff, puff, curse, cry…our immediate response is almost always negative. When receiving copy feedback, I’ve never said, “Wow! I really like this new pun-laden headline the client wrote in 4 seconds! It’s actually way better than mine!”

So what’s the best way to handle this situation as an account manager? How can you get the deliverables you need without alienating your creative team? Here are some small suggestions that might help this conversation go just a little bit smoother (although, no promises!):

1. Show that You’ve Already Tried to Push Back – One of the reasons creatives get so frustrated with account managers is because we feel like you’re not on our side. We know your job is tricky and allegiances get sticky, but first and foremost, we need to feel like you get it. You get what we are up against, and the best way to demonstrate this is by proactively trying everything you can to make our lives easier. That might mean pushing back a deadline, or bargaining with the client and reducing the immediate deliverables list. But by showing creatives you’ve already been proactive and are trying to make our lives less sucky, then we’re already going to feel a little better.

2. Empathize with Us – Admit that this sucks. Admit it’s frustrating. Admit it makes the work less amazing. Please help us feel less crazy. Just saying how frustrated you are, as well, makes us feel like we are all on the same team. The team against Crazy.

3. Fight for the Work – Remind us that you are all about delivering the best, most effective work to the clients (just like us). Creatives fight their hardest every day to take a brand idea they love and believe in, and maintain its integrity over the course of months. Please tell us and show us that you believe in it, too and are willing to push back for the best end result.

4. Ask Nicely – This sounds obvious, but you’d be shocked at how quickly it gets tossed aside when everyone is under pressure and trying to meet intense deadlines. Polite requests evaporate and transform into “YOU NEED TO GET THIS DONE AND RESIZED BY 8:30AM.” So remember to use your manners and your magic words. They’ll get you pretty far. 

5. Ask if You Can Help in Any Way – Most of the time you can’t. Unless you learn Photoshop overnight, there’s pretty much nothing you can do in the literal sense. But you can be incredibly helpful in other ways. Is there information missing? Do we need examples of some weird media buy? Specs? Is there fuzzy feedback that we need explained differently? Or can you just stay late and offer emotional support and a Kanye West playlist as the creative team tries to crank stuff out. Either way, offering to help and then following through is a great way to earn brownie points with your creative team.

You are the sky. Everything else…it’s just the weather.
- Pema Chodron

Eleven Inc. created this  6 hour video/ad for Virgin Airlines demonstrating how F*CKING painful flying can be when you’re traveling from one coast to another on a regular boring airline (aka “BLAH” airlines). If you’ve ever flown Virgin Airlines, and LITERALLY any other airline, you see how this whole thing really capitalizes on their brand promise…that flying can actually be fun. 

I can’t believe this shit got approved, made and distributed (did I mention there is also a companion website???) All of it is amazing. This is the kind of work that makes me so so so jealous. 

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I’m guessing here, but one of the best parts about having children must be that you get to buy funny, cool, creative books for your kids and share them together. Right? That part just sounds freaking awesome. I so love watching BJ Novak of The Office fame read his new book The Book With No Pictures to a group of NYC elementary school kids. Their reactions are just so, so great.

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So I guess Melanie Griffith’s family owned a pet lion in the 1970s, when she was just a teenager. I guess her mom Tippi Hedren and her stepdad Noel Marshall adopted one after a safari to Africa because why would you NOT do that? Anyway, these photos posted on Buzzfeed are absolutely amazing, showing the pet interacting with the Griffith’s family.

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This morning I was forced to send this scathing letter to everyone in our fantasy football league. Because when your whole season’s worth of hard work and determination is threatened by a sinister, corrupt leader - all you have are your words. We will not be silenced! We will not stand for this! 
In lighter news, happy Friday! Let’s make it awesome.

This morning I was forced to send this scathing letter to everyone in our fantasy football league. Because when your whole season’s worth of hard work and determination is threatened by a sinister, corrupt leader - all you have are your words. We will not be silenced! We will not stand for this! 

In lighter news, happy Friday! Let’s make it awesome.

To celebrate the launch of BBC Music, the brand released this amazing video of a whole shitload of amazing musicians (and awesome special effects) performing The Beach Boys’ hit song (and my personal favorite), “God Only Knows.” From Pharrell to Elton John, Florence Welch to Chris Martin, and Sam Smith to Dave Grohl, this production left no singer unturned. And I think it turned out just awesome.

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This. Videos like this are exactly what feminism needs. Normal, awesome people like Aziz Ansari explaining what the heck “feminism” means, and why almost ALL of us are feminists (whether we want to call ourselves that or not). Amen, Aziz.

Side note: isn’t it funny to see how stiff, forced, formal and old-timey David Letterman appears to be in comparison to this new Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel breed of Late Night TV? Does anyone even watch Letterman anymore? Ok, I’m done with my musings. For now….

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Oh, Jerry Seinfeld, why are you the best? Here’s his acceptance speech at this year’s Clio Awards. He pretty much nails the industry very succinctly: it’s fake, materialistic, empty, hollow, soulless. It’s funny because it’s true. Advertising is a fun industry…unless you think too hard about it…

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