Guys, I’ve been in a little bit of a funk this morning.

Even though the Washington Capitals won game 7 last night, the evening turned mighty ugly when a string of racist tweets were made by some of the worst Bostonians ever. Joel Ward scored the GAME WINNING GOAL in overtime in game 7 which is KIND OF A BIG DEAL, and the second after he scored, a string of RIDICULOUS RACISM started flooding Twitter. I really hope all these people lose their jobs or their hair or dignity or something today.

Then this morning, one of the first articles I read was about this little boy sitting next to complete ASSHATS at a baseball game, who wouldn’t give him a darn foul ball. I mostly love Michael Kay’s commentary…and how he’s saying EVERYTHING I WAS THINKING. Who does that?

Needless to say, my faith in humanity has been a bit shaky today already. And it’s only 8:45am.

So when I saw this video of a dad who drives his kids to school to the song Bohemian Rhapsody every day to pump them up, I almost wanted to cry. Almost. THE LITTLE BOY IN THE BACK IS KILLING ME. So flipping awesome. Now THIS is a childhood.

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