Think in Bright Colors

Think in Bright Colors

Hi! I'm Elyse Ash, a Minneapolis-based advertising copywriter. I love all things design, pop culture and creative. Think in Bright Colors is a compilation of my favorite ad/design/interactive work, inspirations and beyond. To check out my advertising portfolio, visit

BBDO’s new spot for Foot Locker is unexpected, charming and full of athletes exhibiting awesome deprecating humor. Learn more about the campaign here.

Ugh, clients! Am I right!?!?!?! 

These hilarious posters are by Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy who turned their “favorite worst client feedback” into art. Hilarious, painful, cringe-worthy art. The series is called Sharp Suits. Check them all out here.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

Isaiah Stephens decided to dress up the Disney Princesses as kickass female heroines from other stories. And boy, is it great! The perfect project for Halloween. See them all here!

Did you know that Will Ferrel shot 70 different commercials for the Dodge Durango in character as Ron Burgandy? They aren’t all online yet, since I suppose Dodge will want to space them out and make sure the campaign is fresh. But uh, it’s hard to pick a favorite. They’re all hilarious. Of course, they are aimed square at my age/demographic so it’s only natural I find them hilarious. But, oh man. I kind of want a Dodge Durango now. Damnit….

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Really cool/clean poster series by Turkish designer Savas Ozay.

Did you guys catch the season premiere of SNL this weekend? Besides there being 6 new cast members (only one of which is a woman and all 6 of which are white) and Aaron Paul being a surprise guest star (I literally was squealing), there wasn’t much to write home about. EXCEPTTTTTT this hilarious GIRLS spoof starring Tina Fey as Blerta, the new Albanian immigrant “Girl.” Amazing. Hilarious. And shows just how ridiculous, spoiled and self-centered all the characters are. As if we needed another reminder.

And THIS is why I love Louis CK. Not only is he hilarious, he’s also insightful, real and scarily brilliant.

Oh man, can I relate to this…

Oh man, can I relate to this…

Cabin Weekend Food Prep

Emily: For the love of god will you bring 1 or 2 things that are not healthy.
Emily: Like how about thigh and ass fattening queso and tortilla chips?
Elyse: Perfect. I will bring ALL the chips.
Elyse: People never want to bring chips; but then they are gone in 5 seconds.
Emily: Awesome. And no more hummus.
Elyse: I swear, I will not bring hummus.
Emily: Or snap peas.
Elyse: Damnit.

Jimmy Fallon’s “Joking Bad” hits the Breaking Bad vibe right on the head.



Hilarious responses to the Twitter hashtag #bookswithalettermissing, photoshopped hilariously into book covers by Twitter user SelfieDarthRedPanda.

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